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Self-help with an incentive

Would you like to support the programme?

Whether a member or not, contributions are voluntary – and highly appreciated! Contributed funds may be transferred to:

Venner av UPLIFT, Margit Haslunds veg 26, NO 2614 Lillehammer
Account no. 6188 05 39107 in Nordea Bank, Lillehammer
Bank: Nordea Bank Norge ASA
IBAN: NO5061880539107
All contributions are transferred directly to UPLIFT.

Gift Certificates

Gift CertificatesWould you like to support this work?
Help for self-help.
Contributions to UPLIFT’s work are gratefully appreciated. You can also support Friends of UPLIFT by informing and inviting others to help out. Friends of UPLIFT has made it easy to participate: read more.

A gift for growth. A Gift Certificate worth € 60/USD 70/CAN 90…
…provides literacy training for 10 women in Uganda for one year. Read more.

You can print the Gift Certificate on your printer and then enter the amount you have given.
Above, you will find information about how to make the paymant.

Download Gift Certficate - Christmas Greeting

Contact us

Please use the Norwegian contact form. or send e-mail
Venner av UPLIFT | Org.nr: 998 871 034 | Margit Haslunds veg 26, 2614 Lillehammer - NORWAY | Tlf.: 0047 930 25 414