“Literacy does not only concern reading and writing, [it is] also about personal dignity, the right to participate, the empowerment of the marginalized and excluded and the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways and settings.”

Friends of UPLIFT

– in Norwegian, Venner av UPLIFT (VUP) – is a civil society organization dedicated to securing the continuation of the literacy programme through financial support. Although the work of UPLIFT itself is volunteered and unsalaried, there are costs to be met: Learners’ books, mentors’ and trainers’ transport and food allowance, examination and graduation costs. The overall 2013 budget is 15.000 USD, and VUP has pledged to fund 2/3 through voluntary contributions from our members.

We are operating with the intention of zero overhead costs – so far, modest expenses of the Board have been covered by the trustees themselves. Hence, 97 % of accrued money have gone directly to UPLIFT. There is no membership fee, and anyone who wishes to support the work of UPLIFT – if only morally – is welcome as a member. We are not many, but all the more enthusiastic about this programme which we think could well serve as an all-African model for functional adult literacy (FAL) training.

How to support


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Venner av UPLIFT | Org.nr: 998 871 034 | Margit Haslunds veg 26, 2614 Lillehammer - NORWAY | Tlf.: 0047 930 25 414